Boat Towing Florida – Fast Response Marine Towing & Salvage

Key West worlds Stihl rips off outdrive: Fast Response Marine to the rescue — Stihl rips outdrive from hull. Fast Response Marine Towing and Salvage to the rescue. Thanks to Capt. Chuck and his quick thinking saves her from sinking. Stihl was taking on water quite rapidly. Both driver and… Continue reading

Community Colleges at Center of Education Debate

Community Colleges At Center Of Education Debate
For many people the "American dream" means going to college. But the cost of higher education can turn that dream into an expensive nightmare. "People go through a lot they work they have family responsibilities some people don't come from the best …… Continue reading

District Reassigns Teacher After Showing Video That Uses the Wor –

District reassigns teacher after showing video that uses the wor –
In March, Mangels showed a video to students about 19th Century Reform that host of the video started by saying “Today we finally get to talk about sex.” District spokesperson Greg Turchetta says the subject is not… Continue reading

Testing the Waters

Testing the Waters
In 2005, Hurricane Wilma destroyed a pair of dilapidated marinas in North Bay Village where Fane Lozman, a former Marine pilot and software developer, kept a two-story floating home. The Category 3 storm struck … In 2006, he had his home towed 70 …
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Florida Authorities Probe Equipment Thefts From Boats

Florida authorities probe equipment thefts from boats
The Brevard County (Fla.) Sheriff's Office says a group of skillful, well-rehearsed thieves are plaguing boat businesses, stealing thousands of dollars of equipment from boats along the highway. Often it appears they'll see a boat that's visible from U …
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Here's Hillary Clinton's Official Response to the Questions About Her Emails

Here's Hillary Clinton's official response to the questions about her emails
Democratic presidential front-runner Hillary Clinton's press team has released a point-by-point response to the questions about her use of a private email address. The lengthy statement was sent out on Tuesday afternoon shortly after her press …
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The Unseen Slaughter Under the Sea

The Unseen Slaughter Under the Sea
Its resting place is just outside the boundary of California's ban on gillnets—huge vertical nets that hang in the water—within three nautical miles of the coast. Boats that deploy gillnets, which have been blamed for inadvertently catching dolphins …
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