Boat Towing Florida – Fast Response Marine Towing & Salvage

Key West worlds Stihl rips off outdrive: Fast Response Marine to the rescue — Stihl rips outdrive from hull. Fast Response Marine Towing and Salvage to the rescue. Thanks to Capt. Chuck and his quick thinking saves her from sinking. Stihl was taking on water quite rapidly. Both driver and… Continue reading

An Asteroid Boulder Will Be a Stepping Stone on the Journey to Mars

An Asteroid Boulder Will Be A Stepping Stone on the Journey to Mars
For a while now, the agency had been considering two options for its Asteroid Redirect Mission (ARM): One that would grab an entire small asteroid and tow it back and another that would land on a larger… Continue reading

Malaysia Orders Rescue of Migrants, Myanmar to Attend Conference

Malaysia orders rescue of migrants, Myanmar to attend conference
Thailand has said it will stop towing boats back to sea, something Malaysia and Indonesia had been doing in recent days. It has also said it will allow the sick to come to shore for attention, but has stopped short of… Continue reading

Commercial Fishermen Fight to Fish Near NASA

Commercial fishermen fight to fish near NASA
When Florida conveyed certain areas to the federal government to include in the national seashore in 1981, the state retained the right of people to fish in those areas and the state to regulate it. So it's unclear exactly how much area will… Continue reading

Athletes of All Backgrounds Compete Together at Sitting Volleyball

Athletes Of All Backgrounds Compete Together At Sitting Volleyball
During his rehab process following a freak boating accident 10 years ago that resulted in him losing a leg, Dan Regan of Team Florida incorporated many sports into his workout routine. It was sitting volleyball, though, that he gravitated towards… Continue reading

Are the Coast Guard's Icebreakers Ready for an Arctic Oil Spill?

Are the Coast Guard's Icebreakers Ready for an Arctic Oil Spill?
To get to the far frozen corners of the world on a boat, there you have it: America's fleet. The icebreakers represent … Sometimes they're called upon to rescue ships trapped in the ice, as happened this year… Continue reading

1 Boater Found Dead, 1 Rescued From Gulf

1 boater found dead, 1 rescued from Gulf
The mayday call came in at 1:40 a.m. Tuesday from the Miss Melody shrimp boat, which was sinking approximately 10 miles off the coast of Hudson Beach. Local tow boat Captain, George "Red" Ingram said he is familiar with the 29-foot vessel… Continue reading