Boat Towing Florida – Fast Response Marine Towing & Salvage

Key West worlds Stihl rips off outdrive: Fast Response Marine to the rescue — Stihl rips outdrive from hull. Fast Response Marine Towing and Salvage to the rescue. Thanks to Capt. Chuck and his quick thinking saves her from sinking. Stihl was taking on water quite rapidly. Both driver and… Continue reading

Florida Senate Revives Push to Help Pro Sports Teams

Florida Senate revives push to help pro sports teams
A Florida Senate panel on Tuesday tacked a provision into an economic development bill that would guarantee taxpayer money to the racetrack and the stadiums used by the Jacksonville Jaguars, Miami Dolphins and the Orlando City Lions. The proposals …
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A Sampling of Florida's Most Beautiful Beaches

A Sampling of Florida's Most Beautiful Beaches
After you're done playing in the water and relaxing on the shore, there's the famed Hollywood Beach Broadwalk, which stretches for two miles. Many intimate seaside cafes dot the length of the … If you want a ritzy getaway, Palm Beach has nearly… Continue reading

England Contact Gillespie – Reports

England contact Gillespie – reports
The governing body issued no comment on Wednesday – the eve of the first Investec Test against New Zealand at Lord's – in response to reports that ECB cricket director Andrew Strauss has spoken to Gillespie and further talks are in the offing over the… Continue reading

Coral Reef, Doral Park Fare Well at USTA Florida Team Tennis Challenge

Coral Reef, Doral Park fare well at USTA Florida Team Tennis Challenge
The number of boats medalling for MRC in the sculling and sweep championships was a program best 11 with 32 rowers receiving medals. …. The Nautilus Middle School golf team qualified for the Miami-Dade County finals at the… Continue reading

Quick Hits: Area Water Skiers Break Record for Most Records Broken

Quick Hits: Area Water Skiers Break Record for Most Records Broken
MEMBERS OF LAKELAND LACROSSE, a youth lacrosse organization for kids ages 8-18 that's part of the FALLS Adventure program, pose for a photo with Col. Ron Garan, a former NASA astronaut. Garan met with the players as part of… Continue reading

Why No One Wants the Rohingyas

Why No One Wants The Rohingyas
Predominantly Buddhist Thailand has been battling an Islamist insurgency in its south for decades and has "no stomach" for bringing in more Muslims, says Lex Rieffel, a nonresident senior fellow and expert on Southeast Asia at the Brookings Institution …
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