Boat Towing Florida – Fast Response Marine Towing & Salvage

Key West worlds Stihl rips off outdrive: Fast Response Marine to the rescue — Stihl rips outdrive from hull. Fast Response Marine Towing and Salvage to the rescue. Thanks to Capt. Chuck and his quick thinking saves her from sinking. Stihl was taking on water quite rapidly. Both driver and… Continue reading

Operation Migration an Insurance Policy for Whooping Cranes

Operation Migration an insurance policy for whooping cranes
MARKS, Florida – Look, up in the sky … It's a bird … It's a plane … Actually, it's both. Each fall ultra light aircraft fly over Illinois, with seven young whooping cranes in tow, headed to wintering grounds at St. Marks… Continue reading

Mudding the Can-Am Maverick X Ds 1000R Turbo to the Breaking Point

Mudding the Can-Am Maverick X Ds 1000R Turbo to the Breaking Point
Case in point: earlier that day I'd seen a Maverick eat a belt when its owner was using it as a tow boat in a pond, dragging around a buddy on an inflatable raft. Mavericks are not meant… Continue reading

Waterfront Fire at Squamish Port Destroys Berth, Drives Residents Indoors

Waterfront fire at Squamish port destroys berth, drives residents indoors
A smaller boat might be needed to get crews underneath the dock to complete the work, said fire chief Bob Fulton. “(Thursday night) we had 60 firefighters from Squamish and a Whistler crew of four with an engine here. But… Continue reading

All-Female Fishing Team Ready for MSSA Championship on the Chesapeake Debut

All-female fishing team ready for MSSA Championship on the Chesapeake debut
Yet there is a part of this threesome of highly accomplished women that wants to show the rest of the field in the Maryland Saltwalter Sportfishing Association's annual spring fling that Maria Flynn's boat didn't simply make a wrong… Continue reading

Marriage Equality Appears Headed for High Court Showdown

Marriage equality appears headed for high court showdown
The entirety of the 2-1 ruling is available online here (pfd). Judge Jeffrey Sutton, a George W. Bush appointee, wrote for the majority, arguing that if same-sex couples wish to legally marry, they should avoid justice through the courts and simply …… Continue reading

Boaters in Limbo as Lawsuit Snags Cherry Creek Reservoir Marina Season

Boaters in limbo as lawsuit snags Cherry Creek Reservoir marina season
"Even if this matter is not resolved by the summer boating season, we anticipate minimal if any effects to the public," Parks and Wildlife spokeswoman Jennifer Churchill said in a statement."The general boating public will not be … He… Continue reading